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3 Phrases More & 3 Phrases Less

August 6, 2012 — 1 Comment

shhhMid-August is like New Year’s for me. My calendar has always followed that schedule. First, August sparked a new year because I was a student, and now it sparks a new year because I’m in ministry.

As I start the “new year”, one of my goals or “resolutions” is to work on my communication with family, co-workers, and others.

Here are 3 phrases I want to say less this year…

I’m sorry if I offended you or hurt your feelings, but…

So much wrong with this statement. It’s a sad excuse for an apology and a poor attempt to justify my sinful behavior. I need to work on sincere apologies.

Well, I heard that…

I love gossip. I love hearing it, and I love spreading it. God has really convicted me of this and I am challenged to erase this phrase from my vocabulary.

I don’t care.

When I get overwhelmed or stressed, this is my go-to phrase. I simply shut down. I want to work on being assertive and taking initiative in those moments, instead of saying “I don’t care.”

Here are 3 phrases that I want to say more this year…

It’s ok.

I can set high expectations on other people. I am easily disappointed when those expectations aren’t met, even when they’re unrealistic. This phrase is not for other people. It is for me. I need to tell myself that “it’s ok” to take a chill pill and be content.

Can I pray with you about that right now?

I have conversations every day in which people share with me what’s happening in their life. It’s sometimes great, and it’s sometimes bad. My desire is to stop right then and there and pray with them about what God is doing.


My calendar was pretty full this past year because I said “yes” too many times. I want to be more selective about what I agree to do so that I don’t sacrifice my family time or personal health.

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  1. This is a great post, Matt. I know one thing I want to say less of this year is “This is a transitional year” or “this is a rebuilding year.” I would also love to say “I can do better less.”

    Good things to think about, thats for sure.

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