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Best and Worst Volunteer Interview Questions

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Last week, Elle Campbell started a conversation on social media about the best questions to ask potential volunteers. There were so many great questions getting tossed out that I couldn’t keep up!

So, Elle used her amazing talents and her amazing blog to share the best questions ans some honorable mentions. Be sure you check out The Very Best Volunteer Interview Questions over at Elle’s blog. The list of questions is a great help in talking with people about plugging into your ministry. I am looking forward to using these questions to help with our volunteer recruitment.

I want to be helpful too, so I put together a list that I call The Very Worst Volunteer Interview Questions! These are ridiculously horrible things that no person should ever say in a volunteer interview, so please don’t use these questions.

#1 – How much money do you make?

#2 – Why haven’t you served before? Do you have issues?

#3 – Are you the type of person who misses church a lot to go the lake?

#4 – If so, can I come with you?

#5 – Can you recite the genealogy of Jesus beginning with Abraham?

#6 – Would you be willing to memorize that before starting in this role?

#7 – In 30 seconds or less, please explain all views of the millennium.

In all seriousness, go read The Very Best Volunteer Interview Questions and think about how you can use them in recruiting for your ministry. Your volunteers will thank you!

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