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BombBomb.com & Preteen Ministry

October 23, 2012 — 4 Comments

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We’ve started using a new company to help with our communication to parents of preteens. It is so stinkin’ cool that I wanted to share it!

BombBomb.com is an email marketing platform that allows you to juice up your emails with the power of video. You can embed HD video, linked documents, text, etc. into the email template. BombBomb will optimize your video for all platforms: desktop, mobile, tablet, etc. This means your video looks its best on whatever device the recipient uses to view it.

Here is the best part for those of us in ministry:

1) It integrates with several church database systems, including Church Community Builder (CCB), FellowshipOne, AccesACS, and ICON systems.

We were sending out parent emails to almost 400 unique addresses that were already saved in Fellowship One. I did not want to have to enter each of those contacts again, and I didn’t have to with BombBomb. They have a really simple integration that allows you to sync your database groups with the email template. It literally took me 2 minutes to transfer the 400 contacts!

2) BombBomb gives you tracking analytics on EVERYTHING!

Here is a snapshot of the Analytics page:

Screen Shot 2012 10 23 at 10.48.32 AM

When you send a traditional email, it’s really hard to know if it’s opened or if the attached documents are ever downloaded. With BombBomb, you can see all of that information. They tell you how many emails were delivered vs. bounced to spam. They tell you how many emails were opened, how many clicks were made on each specific link, how many plays of the embedded video, and how many downloads of attached documents.

In ministry, it’s really hard to gauge success and failures. This data really has helped us to see what’s working and what is not. One thing we quickly realized was that our parents were very likely to watch the video (60%), but few downloaded to attached document (7%). If we want to communicate important info, we now know that it needs to be in the video!

If you’re looking for creative ways to communicate with volunteers or parents, you should definitely check out BombBomb.com. They will create custom email templates for your ministry, and their monthly service fee starts at only $29/month.

Here is how we used BombBomb to communicate our series content with our parents:
(Thanks to Jim Kast-Keat for the “Fifty6 in :56” idea!)

Fifty6 in :56

4 responses to BombBomb.com & Preteen Ministry

  1. Video in email is awesome! Definitely something that I will look into. Anything else that is way different than like a Constant Contact?

  2. I’ve not used Constant Contact, so I’m not sure what similarities or differences there might be. Just from reading the sites, it would appear that Constant Contact has more features and options (event schedules, surveys, social media integration). Have you used them?

    We actually won the BombBomb subscription at a conference, so it’s been a free thing for us. I figure you can’t beat free!

    • I’ve used the survey integration and some of the social media stuff. We use Arena from Shelby Systems for our parents, but Constant Contact with our volunteers.

      We are shifting away because there is no extra cost for Arena email versus the cost associated with Constant Contact. The video option might push us in another direction though.

  3. Your video is great! I love it!

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