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Creating Balance in Life

February 4, 2013 — 1 Comment

do-you-balance-14-nails-single-nailhead-find-out-with-diy-gravity-puzzle.w654The picture above is all about balance. The objective of the riddle is to balance all the nails on the head of the one nail attached to the wood. It seems impossible, but it’s actually very easy with a little bit of balance.

A few weeks ago, a seminary professor used the riddle to illustrate the importance of balance in the life of a minister. This is something I’ve been thinking about and realizing that I need to work on.

Here are a few things that I’m thinking will help me to create balance:

1. Stop doing some things

When I look at my calendar, I realize that there are some ineffective things that take up my time. Many of them are tasks that were one time important and effective, but now they’re pointless tasks. I’ve also realized that these are the things that drain me the most. I need to evaluate my schedule and get rid of the things that are not effective uses of my time.

2. Keep a To Do List

I already have a weekly To Do List, but I’ve recently made some changes. I have broken the list into categories and subcategories. These breakdowns have helped me to keep focused on tasks and relationships in ministry and my personal life.

3. Delegate

I shared my thoughts about delegation a few weeks ago. I am still learning how to do this well. I’m learning not to just pass tasks to someone else, but to actually release the power to make decisions and carry out ministry plans. It’s a little scary, but also really exciting. Once I’ve gotten rid of the things that are ineffective and created a To Do List, it’s easier to decide what things can be delegated to others.

4. Leave the Office Early

This has been the hardest but most rewarding part of creating balance. I often get too focused on projects and forget to take care of my health. Two weeks ago, I left the office early each day to exercise before heading home. I really focused on what I ate and tried to get more sleep. Last week, I did the complete opposite! The week of exercise and sleep felt great. I know that it will be a necessary part of a balanced life.

One response to Creating Balance in Life

  1. Matt, great thoughts. I think saying “no” is at the heart of most of this, and that includes not only not taking on more things, but being disciplined with the things we’ve said yes to. #4 really resonated with me, because even if (sometimes especially if) I don’t have tons to do, like if I’m only focusing on 2 or 3 big things, the tendency can be to work long days and get consumed by the adrenaline of accomplishing more and more. Good reminder to set an “end” to each day and stick to it.

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