#GiveGod12: Day One

December 12, 2012 — Leave a comment

Day OneThe #GiveGod12 movement officially launched today, 12/12/12. If you missed it, check out last week’s post on #GiveGod12

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This movement is all about committing to spend time with God. People of all ages and denominations are taking 12 minutes today to get in Scripture, pray, and connect with God. Some might take more time and some might give less, but it’s all about committing a time to meet with God.

I’m so excited about this movement and seeing what God does in me and in others. As I thought about how I would #GiveGod12 during the next 12 days, I wanted to spend those 12 minutes doing something special. I decided to keep a regular time with God and His word, but to also take an extra 12 minutes to do something that I don’t normally get the change to do.

My #GiveGod12: Day One

Today, I spent 12 minutes praying for the volunteers and leaders in our preteen ministry. I got the chance to pray for each of them specifically by name. We have a couple of really exciting weeks coming up in our preteens ministry, so it was so fun to ask God to use our leaders in a big way.

Looking forward to Day Two!

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