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How Barney Helped My Parenting

May 1, 2012 — Leave a comment

It’s ok to laugh at the title of this post. I did. I honestly tried to keep Barney off my television, but he’s surprisingly sneaky for a large, purple dinosaur. Once he had snuck into our living room, he did something really cool.

In one particular episode, Barney (and friends) sang the song You are Special. The song goes like this:

You’re remarkable – you really are
You’re the only one like you
There isn’t another in the whole wide world
Who can do the things you do
Because you are special- special
Everyone is special
Everyone in his or her own way
Yes you re special -special
Everyone is special
Everyone in his or her own way!

Our 20-month old daughter is a sponge. She is soaking up everything and learning so much, especially if the lesson is put to music. She immediately learned this song. It was just fun to sing it and let her fill in the words she knew. I would say “Because you are…” and she would chime in, “SPECIAL!” We played that game for several days.

One day, I began a sentence with, “Maggie, you are so…” I would typically finish that sentence with silly, cute, funny, pretty, or similar adjective. But before I could finish the sentence, she shouted, “SPECIAL!”

Now, we say that same phrase every day. I’ve realized the power in this phrase. I still tell my daughter that she is beautiful, sweet, funny, and all those things. But I’m so thankful that she understands: I am special.

Last Christmas, we wrote a blessing for our daughter that we read every night at bedtime. (I wrote about our blessing for Maggie in a previous post that you can check out here.) The blessing talks about the wonderful way that God created her for His wonderful purpose. Our prayer was that she would understand her unique value to God. I just didn’t expect a purple dinosaur to help communicate that message!

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