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Ideas for Preteen Small Groups

July 3, 2012 — Leave a comment


At the 2012 Preteen Leaders Conference, we were given some specific topics and asked to share some ideas from our ministry. The ideas were posted on the wall with notecards for everyone else to read and gain from. It really was a great idea and you can check out what was posted over at FourFiveSix.

One of the things that struck me from the notecards was the number of comments in certain areas. For instance, there were 28 ideas posted for Games in preteen ministry. There were 22 ideas posted about Teaching/Curriculum for preteen ministry. But there were only 4 ideas posted for small groups and 3 for volunteers.

    They were great ideas, but why so few?

I think it’s because both of these areas are tricky. I know everyone struggles with volunteers from time to time. Even if you can recruit enough help, you probably still struggle with training and retaining those volunteers.

Small groups are no walk in the park either. There are many dynamics that must be considered so that your preteen small groups can be successful. You have to think about group size, meeting space, purpose of the group, curriculum for the group, leaders for the group, and on and on and on.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be posting some ideas and strategies that you might be able to use in developing preteen small groups. I’ve done some research and pulled from personal experience, and I’ve already learned so much that will help our ministry. There are some great churches doing really cool things in preteen ministry, and I can’t wait to share that info with you!

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