My Goals for 2014

January 2, 2014 — 1 Comment


For 2014, I’ve made a new set of personal goals. I’ve done this before with some success and some failure, but this year I’m doing something I’ve never done before.

I’m writing my goals down.

I’m writing my 2014 goals down everywhere. I’m writing them on sticky notes, in folders, on my desktop, on my office bulletin board! I want to have a constant, year-long reminder of the goals that I felt would stretch me mentally, physically, and spiritually.

I read a study recently that suggested the best strategy for reaching goals is to write them down, make action steps, and setup accountability with others. Those in the study that did all three parts to the strategy were able to accomplish 76% of the things they set out to do. (Click to read Forbes Article on Goals or Article on Dr. Matthews Research)

I’ve made the goals and written them down. I’m in the process of making some action steps, which is much harder! When I make it to the third step, I’ll probably lean on my wife for the accountability to follow through with everything.

Here are my five goals for 2014 with a brief explanation for each:

1. Grace, Grace, Grace

The more I understand God’s Grace, the more overwhelmed I become. In 2014, I want to study more about God’s Grace, how He demonstrates it throughout Scripture, and what it means for my life. The other two “Graces” are reminders to pay attention to the grace I’m given and give much more grace to others–specifically my kids.

2. Read 12 Books

With work, 2 kids, and a multitude of other distractions, reading has been on a steady decline. I hope to read more than 12 books, but reality tells me that I’ll be lucky to get one a month! I’ll try to share more about the books I’m reading throughout the year.

3. Publish 100 Blog Posts

The decline in reading is matched by my decline in writing. My hope is that I can share a lot more this year about what God is teaching me about Grace and what I’m currently reading, especially how it all relates to preteen ministry.

4. 12 Date Nights–WITHOUT KIDS

I love my wife. I also love my daughters, but I’ve realized that I still love my wife more. So, I am going to ditch the rugrats and have more time with Dana! Those of you without kids probably think this is too easy of a goal, but, trust me, it’s not. We’ve discovered this takes planning and dedication. Anyone know a good babysitter?

5. Run 700 miles

Over the past 4 years, I’ve taken up the sport of running but I’ve lacked consistency. In October, I started running more frequently and averaging 50-60 miles per month. At this pace, I’ll break the 700 mark, but I’ve given my self some space for when laziness or busyness gets in the way.

What goals have you made for 2014 and have you written any of them down?


Do you have a tendency to overdo it at the Thanksgiving table?

Do you have the post-meal feeling of “Why did I eat all that food?”

Here is a pre-Thanksgiving video to help you consider a change in your behavior. Don’t end up like this kid…Happy Thanksgiving!

Morgan Family Session20131004_20


Happy Birthday to my best friend. You are such an amazing woman and wife. You’ve made me a much better man, and you are far more than I ever deserve.

I’m so thankful for the way you love and lead our daughters. They are blessed to have you as their mom. I can’t wait to see them grow and become more like you.

It seems that each birthday brings a little bit more “crazy” into our lives, but I’m thankful that I get to experience those years with you. I love you…even if you are an older woman.

The Bible App for Kids

October 31, 2013 — Leave a comment

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 10.46.48 AM

The YouVersion Bible is one of the most downloaded smartphone applications in the world, and now YouVersion & LifeChurch.tv are designing The Bible App for Kids.The app is scheduled to be released by the end of this year. I’m not for sure, but I’m guessing that it will be a free download like all the other YouVersion and LifeChurch.tv resources.

The first thing I noticed about the app is that it’s interactive and engaging for young children. The app features kid-friendly navigation to let little fingers easily experience all that it has to offer. The graphics are bright and include touch animations. I have a 3-year-old that will love getting to touch the characters and hear their story. As a parent, I’m going to love the idea of her soaking up the Bible so that we can have many more faith conversations.

The YouVersion Bible app has evolved over time to include reading plans and commentary notes, so I’m really interested to see how the kid’s app evolves to reach older children and preteens. Check out this commercial for The Bible App for Kids. Then, go sign up to receive a text when it’s available for download.

So many kids have access to their parent’s or their own smartphones and iPods. This is going to be a huge win for sharing the Gospel and engaging kids with God’s Word. I’m not saying it will replace the good ol’ leather bound Bible that your kids got from Grandma and Grandpa, but this is a great tool for kids to have the Bible with them wherever they go.