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Preteen Worship & Spaghetti

December 11, 2012 — 1 Comment

Preteen Worship & SpaghettiAbout 10 years ago, I ate spaghetti with Charlie Hall.

Mr. Hall was leading a night of worship at the church where I was working, and several of the staff and worship volunteers had dinner with the band before the service. The spaghetti wasn’t that good, but the conversation was great.

I was expecting the band to share about how to engage an audience, how to make transitions during worship, or how to have dynamics in your worship set. But that never came up. Instead, they spent the entire dinner talking about how important it is that you worship while you’re leading worship. The point was that if you’ll just devote yourself to worship while on stage, then others would follow in worship. Your focus on Christ would lead others to point their focus and worship to Him.

As we have been evaluating the worship in our preteen ministry and planning for the future, this conversation has really been echoing in my head. We have some awesome worship leaders that connect with our preteens, but, to be honest, I haven’t really set them up to win. I haven’t devoted nearly enough time or resources to help them just worship.

We plan out teaching time and small group time several weeks in advance. We spend time and money on equipping our large group teachers and small group leaders to win big. I don’t want to take away from that focus or emphasis, but I’m realizing that we have neglected a major opportunity to connect with preteens through worship. It’s just a part of our service, but I want it to be so much more!

In the weeks ahead, I really want to think through and brainstorm how we can create a better environment for preteens to worship. Ultimately, I want it to be a setting that helps the worship leader worship. I want it to be a setting that helps the small group leaders to worship. My prayer is that preteens will follow this example and experience worship in a deeper way.

Want to help? Shoot me a comment or email with answers to the following questions. I’m really interested in hearing from others and getting ideas on worship in preteen ministry.

  • How do you connect with preteens in worship?

  • What does the worship (musical) portion of your service look like?

  • What songs are currently best connecting with preteens?

  • What elements (band, lights, Scripture reading, drama, video, etc) do you use to help in the worship environment? How do you use them and how often do you use them?

  • How do you train & equip your worship leader for the task of leading preteens?

One response to Preteen Worship & Spaghetti

  1. We don’t have as much at our disposal in the preteen worship as any other ministry, children’s, youth, etc. But I believe our worship is the most vibrant.

    I started taking our worship directly from what was being played on the local Christian music station. The kids loved the music and began, voluntarily, listening to Christian music. I gave them the opportunity to request songs that I would work into the lessons as appropriate. I also gave them the freedom to allow the Spirit to move them to worship and not just stand still as they had seen their parents do so often in their young lives in a Baptist church.

    Every four to six weeks, I challenge them in a new way. Whether it’s to look up their favorite song on YouTube and write what it means to them or to just close their eyes and FEEL the words rather than just sing them.

    I’ve seen my preteens grow so much this past year. I’m so proud of them!

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