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Summer Games for Preteens

June 25, 2012 — 2 Comments

Summer is officially here and it’s a hot one. Summer can be a slow time for preteen ministry, but that doesn’t meant you have to lose momentum. A great way to connect with your preteens during the summer is to host a game day or water day. This event will give preteens the opportunity to fellowship together, and it will help you to promote for your ministry launch in the fall.

If you’re like me, even in the summer you don’t have a lot of time to plan an event like this. Lucky for you the planning has already been done! PreteenMinistry.net has a Summer Game Pack loaded with 15 games that will add excitement to a water day, summer camp, or any ministry gathering. The Summer Game Pack is only $19, so you should definitely go get it today!

Have a summer camp or ministry event planned for July?
Let me know about it in a comment below and I will email you a game from the game pack for free!

2 responses to Summer Games for Preteens

  1. We are doing relay race/tag type games tomorrow night and a water night in July. I would love for a non water game if you have it. Thanks man!

    • Hey Jeremy! How are things going at Noonday? I will send you a copy of a non-water game this afternoon via email.

      The Game Pack has 6 or 7 games that can be non-water games. For $19 and an instant download, you should definitely check it out.

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