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Sunday Celebrations

August 29, 2011 — Leave a comment

Sundays are busy, but today was just crazy.  I left the house at 7:45 this morning and returned at 9:35 pm.  But in that craziness, God showed up and really showed off.  Here’s what I’m celebrating from today:

Baby Dedication Celebration–Our church launched the first of our “Milestones” today with the revamped version of baby dedication.  There were 20 couples that attended a class this afternoon where they were instructed and encouraged to be the Spiritual leaders of their children.  It was amazing to watch them think and talk about what they wanted their infant to be like in 18 years. There is a lot more to the whole process that will wait for another day, but the whole thing was just truly a blessing.

Sunday Morning–The preteen attendance is still through the roof!  We have so many students and not enough space, which is a great problem.  I love it when my job for the week is to find more leaders and more space!  That means God is moving and expanding our influence.  Part of that growth meant that I was called on to lead a small group of 5th grade boys this morning. The group was great and I had an awesome time leading them in discussion.  The biggest blessing was meeting C.  C. is a 5th grade student with autism.  His parents were trying to find a leader that he had previously met so that they transition to a new grade would be an easier one for C., but they did not see him.  I could see that the situation was becoming complex and that C. was having difficulty with everything going on.  I wasn’t sure if I could help, but I asked God to give me words and then I stepped in.  I spoke directly to C. and invited him to be in my group.  I explained the day’s schedule and what other boys would be in our group, and then I asked if he would like to join the group.  C. turned to me and his whole countenance changed.  He was calm and excited and he said “Sure! I’d love to.”  It wasn’t the response I thought was coming, but it was definitely what I had prayed for.  We had a great time in the group and C. did great with every activity.  It was a joy to see his parents walk out of the hall with the peace to attend worship and know that C. was going to have a great Sunday.  When they returned to pick him up, C. told them all about the day and all about the lesson.  I can’t wait for C. to come back next week. God was great this morning.

Sunday Night–Our community group met tonight for the first “official” time.  We were just telling our “stories” and sharing about our family, but God was really involved.  It was so neat to hear everyone share their life with one another even though we just met last week.  I was so encouraged to be around them and know that God was going to grow us into a tight knit community.

Can’t wait to see what God does this week.

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