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May 29, 2011 — Leave a comment

Today has been a great Sunday.  I’m amazed every Sunday at the dedication of our volunteers.  It’s a holiday weekend, but we have probably 95% or more of our leaders here this morning.  Some that had to miss sent messages to their students to let them know!  How amazing is that!  They love their students and it shows in their commitment to their role.  I’m definitely celebrating them today but there is really something that is even more awesome.

I was handed this envelope this morning with no explanation or words.  A 5th grade girl just handed it to me and said “no one needs to know who it’s from.” Then she walked off.



In it was almost $125 raised by this small group of girls.  We have a partnership with The Seed Company to put the Bible into the language of the Dadiya people of Nigeria.  This money will help these people to read the Gospel in their own language.  It was a huge contribution.

I’d love to know which group gave this offering, but there was no names, no note, nothing!  They obviously had worked hard to raise this much money, but they wanted no credit for it. They didn’t present it during large group or even as a whole small group.  Instead, it was just one group member dropping it off and saying no one needs to know who or how.  They gave out of love and obedience, and they didn’t want recognition. One girl…no words…$125!   

I’m humbled by their gift. And I am encouraged by their love and service.  It’s been a great day for me, our church, and the Dadiya People of Nigeria!


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