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Sunday Celebrations

May 23, 2011 — Leave a comment

Today was bittersweet because it was 6th Grade graduation.  I’m sad to see them moving on, but I feel a sense of excitement for how God is going to use this group for His purpose.  So on this Sunday, here is what I’m celebrating:

1. Graduation
We had an awesome time tonight celebrating the accomplishment of our 6th graders. The best part was the closing when parents had the opportunity to pray over their student and their passage into adolescence.  It was amazing to see families huddled together all over the auditorium and praying together.  It was a powerful moment that highlighted the importance of partnering with parents.

2. Conversations with Small Group Leaders
I had a short but amazing conversation with a small group leader this morning that really moved me.  We’re in the middle of organizing our leaders for next fall, and this leader wanted to talk to me about her role.  She approached me in the hall and began to tell me how God was moving in her life.  She spoke of how she felt unworthy of what God is doing.  The conversation moved her to tears.  She is 60+ years of age, and I’m only in my 20s.  That point made the conversation even more amazing to me.  I admired her desire to continuing growing closer to Christ.  I admired her willingness to open to me.  And I was honored to be able to speak encouragement to her.   I’m not sure what God is doing in her, but I’m really excited to see the amazing ways that He is going to use her in the coming year!

3. Amazing Message to Our Church
Our church was so blessed today by the guest speaker, Christopher Coleman.  Christopher has a powerful testimony of how God has moved in his life and used him in powerful ways to share the Gospel.  Christopher’s website begins his testimony with these words,

He was pronounced dead at birth, but miraculously survived. Though he struggles with cerebral palsy, Christopher Coleman knows his disability was a gift from God.

I can’t do justice to the message.  You just have to take time to watch the sermon.  You can see it HERE.  Get your Kleenex and get ready to move for God!

There were so many other things that were great today.  But as I sit and think back over the day, these three are the largest on my mind and heart.  It’s Sundays like this that remind me how blessed I am and how awesome God is. 

What did you see God do today?


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