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Sunday hasn’t even started but I’m already excited and thankful for what’s ahead. There are 4 things that I’m celebrating today:

1) Baptisms
Our campus baptized around 12 last night and will celebrate with many more this morning. Baptisms always give me a spark of energy. It’s God’s reminder to us that his mission is succeeding!

2) Parent Meetings
We are hosting two parent meetings today for 5th grade and for 6th grade. I look forward to casting vision for the summer and next fall. It’s awesome to partner with parents and equip them to lead.

3) Graduation
I am speaking tonight at a graduation ceremony for two of my former students. They were my first group of 6th graders, so this is a special time. They have definitely grown up to make their parents and me very proud.

4) Vacation
After tonight, my vacation begins. It starts Monday with a house inspection on the home we’re in the process of buying, and then Tuesday starts the roadtrip! Looking forward to having that time if rest with my wife and daughter.

Sunday just started and it’s already a great day! God is so good to me!

What us God doing that you want to celebrate today?