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The Question that is Challenging My Heart

June 13, 2011 — 2 Comments

I’ve been living in two worlds lately.  On one hand, I’m establishing a lot of new relationships in my new ministry role.  On the other hand, I’m back living in my home town and so I’m reconnecting with a lot of old relationships that I’ve had for many years.  With this resurgence of my social life, God has really been speaking to me about the purpose of those relationships.  And in those conversations, He has really challenged my heart with one gripping question.

The questions is this…
What if the purpose of every relationship you have was to lead the other person closer to Jesus Christ?

What if I was intentional enough so that every person that I met, talked to, worked with, played softball with, or had a meal with was encouraged to move to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ?  What if I took the focus off of me and placed it on Him?  I don’t fully know what this would look like if it were played out in my life, but I’m dying to discover what God can do if I will submit to it.  I know that to do so, I need to be walking much closer to Him.  I need to be much more obedient to his calling when he says go or when he says speak.  And I need to have much more boldness and confidence in sharing my faith with every contact I make.  This questions has really stretched me and continues to do so.  My prayer is that God would show me what it looks like to use every relationship to point the other person closer to Jesus Christ.

I’m interested in hearing others thoughts and insight into how to live a life that could answer this question.  What does it look like in action?  What does it take? What would the end result be?


2 responses to The Question that is Challenging My Heart

  1. Nice. Love this question. But I wonder if the inverse could also be true: What if the purpose of every relationship you have was to lead yourself closer to Jesus Christ?

  2. Thanks for the comment Jim. I totally think you’re right and that the two go hand in hand. I think it’s cyclical. As I grow closer to Christ, I become contagious and affect others. As they grow closer to Christ, it fuels my commitment to discipleship and draws me even closer to Christ. And it continues…

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