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Top 10 Preteen Ministry Websites

March 22, 2012 — 3 Comments

There are so many amazing websites dedicated to children’s ministry and student ministry. Many of them are also very helpful for preteen ministry. Unfortunately, there are not hundred of sites dedicated to preteen ministry, but there are some really great ones! These are the 10 that I’ve found most helpful:

1. Preteenministry.net
Blog, curriculum, games, ideas…Nick has put it all together. There is a reason this is the #1 site for preteen ministry. Definitely a must have for every preteen leader.

2. FourFiveSix.org
FourFiveSix is a great tool for building community with other leaders. I highly recommend joining a peer group.

3. SuperStart! Preteen
SuperStart! produces great resources for leaders and for preteens. They are dedicated to preteens, and they understand them better than anyone. I specifically love the Ideas & Helps section.

4. Tweenparent.com
Tweenparent is dedicated to providing resources for parents of 9-13 year olds. If you believe in equipping parents to be better spiritual leaders, this website is a must read.

5. JCISONLINE – Resources for Tween and Preteen Ministry
JC is doing awesome things in preteen ministry. He posts regularly to his blog and never fails to disappoint.

6. Preteenmin.com
Clint May has developed an awesome strategy for training preteens to lead. Clint has 20+ years of experience that is well worth reading.

7. Preteen U
Scott Godinez just started blogging about preteen ministry, but his creative ideas have already gained a following. You should definitely check out “Gnoming Your Bible” and “Checkers for Preteens.”

8. Lifeway’s Flyte Blog
The Preteen Team over at Lifeway is led by Jeff Land. They just recently released their preteen curriculum, FLYTE. It is very well-produced and versatile enough to be used in several situations. Being a large publisher, they are a great go-to for research and insight into preteen life.

9. The 5/6 Journal
Nick Bremmer is another “newbie” on the preteen ministry website list. Nick began blogging about his adventure in launching a preteen ministry. It’s fun to travel that journey with him and learn from him.

10. J12
This list was obviously in no specific order because j12 is one of the best preteen resources! The j12 tagline is “reaching a generation before they need to be rescued.” From curriculum to blogging, this is a great site!

What sites did I miss?
What are you reading to help you in preteen ministry?

3 responses to Top 10 Preteen Ministry Websites

  1. Thank you! We are looking to start a pre-teen ministry and this is a helpful start to our research.

    • Rebecca,
      Thanks for visiting the site. It’s great that you are thinking of starting up a preteen ministry, and I hope these sites provide some helpful info. If you need anything, feel free to contact me. I love talking all things preteen ministry and see churches grow in that area!

  2. I’m searching for a preteen minister to join my staff. Can you use your connections to help get the word out? I’m the Minister to Children at Houstons First Baptist Church in Texas. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions. Position provides leadership to 4th and 5th graders and must be able to work on a dynamic team. Send all resumes to chad.overton@houstonsfirst.org or call my assistant Rae Edwards at 713-957-7625.


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